Beginning of the academic year:

You will complete a placement planning form to provide basic information such as whether you drive a car, and to let us know your placement location preference.

12 weeks before placement:

Approximately 12 weeks before your placement block you will be contacted regarding your placement clearance. You are required to have the following to be cleared for placement:

  • Disclosure and Barring Service check (DBS) – A DBS check that has a confirmed result and has been cleared by the University through our appropriate policies. Further information on DBS requirements can be found here
  • Vaccinations – You must have met the correct level of vaccination clearance to be able to attend a placement setting. The guidance/timescales for vaccinations required can be found here
  • Mandatory training – All online and face to face mandatory training must be completed and passed

8 weeks before placement:

Your provisional placement allocation will be released to you via PEMS no later than 8 weeks before you begin your placement.

If you cannot attend this placement, then you should complete an ‘exceptional request for placement change’ form. The details of how to do this will be provided when your provisional placement is released. The placement allocation change policy contains further information on what to expect from this process.

7 weeks before placement:

Final clearance reminder. The University requires you to be cleared 6 weeks before the start of your placement as this ensures enough time to get you set up with the placement provider. If any requirements are outstanding 6 weeks prior to the start of placement the University will not be able to clear you to attend your placement. This will have an impact on your progression on the course as you will not be meeting the required learning outcomes and placement hours.

6 weeks before placement:

Final placement allocations will be confirmed with placement providers and students. Students can access their placement information on PEMS.

Do not contact your placement provider until two weeks before placement begins. If you do, you will be breaching your professional behaviour standards.

2 weeks before placement:

You should now contact your placement provider to introduce yourself, arrange your shifts, confirm travel arrangements and find out who you will be working with.

Two weeks after placement:

You will be sent a request to complete your placement evaluation.