This page contains resources to assist in recording classroom sessions, including a recording of a training session on the topic and the slides from that session.

Training session resources

Training sessions were held in late September 2021 and covered the equipment in the rooms, recording using Panopto, Zoom and Collaborate, and recording the visualisers in most classrooms. Below are links to a recording of this session and the slides used in it.

Recording Classroom Teaching – session recording

Recording Classroom Teaching – slides


Classroom “Start-up” checklist to facilitate an easy session recording experience

This checklist outlines recommended ‘start-up’ activities which should take place upon entry to the teaching space, before starting to deliver a session, for the purpose of facilitating the easy and efficient delivery of a recorded on-campus session.

  • Log on to Lectern PC
  • Switch on Projector / screen using Crestron control panel on lectern
  • Power up visualiser if being used
  • Check Boundary Mic isn’t covered by books, papers, etc., or fallen off lectern
  • Log in to Blackboard -> open module for class being taught -> launch Panopto (if using to record)
  • Check Camera & Mic in Panopto
  • Test classroom audio if required and if automatic DTS soundcheck wasn’t heard
  • Open any / all presentation(s) and other materials, including web pages in individual tabs, to be shown on screen / recorded [so as to be able to rapidly switch between them whilst recording, rather than having long delays whilst finding / launching]
  • Close any applications which may cause ‘pop-up’ notifications which may reveal confidential information (e.g. Outlook)
  • Launch any other tools to be used in session (e.g. Jisc attendance)


**If not using Panopto to record** ·

Other resources

Code of Practice for Recording of Taught Sessions has been introduced that sets out the responsibilities and rights of the University, its staff, and its students regarding recording of teaching, both online and in-classroom.

Our Guides page has further information on the use of Panopto, Zoom and Collaborate, while recordings of training sessions on these and other topics are available.