The Site Accessibility Report provides an overall summary and rating of all your course content in a Blackboard site. The Accessibility Report can be a useful tool to start engaging with Ally and improving the accessibility of your content.

The Course Accessibility Score provides an overall rating of the Blackboard site’s accessibility.

The Overview tab provides a breakdown of the course content and file types that make up your course content.

To help you decide what to fix first, the Overview tab identifies the amount of content with the easiest issues to fix and the amount of content with low scores. There is direct access to the Instructor Feedback Panel so that you can fix the issues.

Any other remaining issues are listed in order of priority from severe to minor with direct access to the Instructor Feedback Panel. Those at the top of the list should be addressed first. Ally looks at the number of students impacted, how often the issue occurs, and the accessibility score to determine priority:

  • Severe. These issues are the greatest risk to accessibility and require the most attention.
  • Major. These issues impact accessibility, and while not severe, require attention.
  • Minor. These issues should be considered for a better accessibility score.

The Content tab shows all content with accessibility issues.