Blackboard Ally provides detailed feedback to help you improve the accessibility of your course content.

Clicking on the accessibility indicator opens the Instructor Feedback Panel.

For content that is not accessible, Ally identifies the issues with that content and explains how to fix the problem. You can fix the issues step-by-step or see all issues and decide what to fix first.

You will see the following details in the Instructor Feedback Panel:

  • Accessibility Score: The content’s accessibility colour and numerical score based on severity of the accessibility issue(s).
  • Description: The description of the accessibility issue(s) affecting the content.
  • Additional information: Detailed information about how the issue(s) affects accessibility and why it is important to fix the issue(s).
  • Instructions to improve: Step-by-step instructions for your preferred software that shows you how to improve accessibility.
  • Direct file upload: A drag-and-drop space to upload a fixed file to replace the inaccessible one.

While improving the accessibility of images might be one step, improving the accessibility of text can include multiple instructions and steps to follow. Ally provides instructions based on your preferred software associated with the file type. The final step is to upload your improved file. This automatically replaces the existing inaccessible file and updates the Accessibility Score. If any issues remain, Ally will alert you and prompt you to fix them.