The whole Digital Learning team will work together to support the development of digital learning across the University. As part of this, specific members of the team are partnered with specific departments to build relationships and principally provide staff development for those areas.


Digital Learning contacts for departments are:

Biosciences & Chemistry


Engineering & Mathematics

Sport & Physical Activity

Ian Glover, James Burtoft, Joseph Bibby

Art & Design

Finance, Accounting & Business Systems


Media Arts & Communication

Pete Mella, Kieran White, Paula Dean


Sheffield Institute of Education

Natural and Built Environment

Service Sector Management

Dave Darwent, David Beasant, John Gamble-Pugh

Psychology, Sociology & Politics

Law & Criminology

Allied Health Professions

Nursing & Midwifery

Social Work, Social Care & Community Studies

Juliun Ryan, Nathan Glasgow, Claire Hannah, Meri Hilliard, Dania Ghani