Recommended Set-up:

For the presenter:

Key tool: Blackboard Collaborate or Zoom.

  • Webcam: We recommend enabling your webcam, though sharing your presentation will likely be more important.
  • Microphone: We recommend using a headset or the laptop’s built-in microphone.
  • Breakout rooms: These can potentially be used to facilitate quick discussions during the online lecture but won’t necessarily be used.
  • Polling: We recommend preparing polls to use during the session, as a method of increasing student engagement and helping you measure student learning to adapt your teaching during the lecture.

Recording: Online lectures should be recorded, though you may wish to stop the recording during any question sections when students would use their microphones.

Settings for Students:

Inside Blackboard Collaborate or Zoom:

  • Webcam: Discourage student use to support students with slower broadband.
  • Microphone: Mute users by default at the start of the session.
  • Chat: Encourage students to use the chat as the primary place to ask questions.

Example instructions for students :

This lecture will be broadcast live online using Zoom/Blackboard Collaborate (*delete as appropriate). You can access the lecture at this link: (* provide link). Please look at the instructions about using Zoom/Blackboard Collaborate and try out the test link ahead of time to ensure your system is set up correctly.

During the lecture, if you have any questions then please put them in the chat feature. There will be spaces in the lecture where I will stop and check the chat for questions, which I will read out to the class and answer.

The lecture will be recorded so you can review it later, but I would encourage you to attend the live session if possible so you can ask questions.