1. What is Live Online Lecture?
  2. Supporting Technologies
  3. Making it work

What is Live Online Lecture?

Where a Flipped Learning approach is not possible or practical, lecture content may be delivered as a livestream online. With this approach, the formal content is streamed live online to the entire cohort and is essentially a typical lecture delivered in the normal way but using software to broadcast it to the cohort over the internet. However, while many face-to-face lectures would include an opportunity for students to ask questions, it is essential that some kind of interaction, such as a Q&A, polls, or discussion, is included in a livestreamed lecture because technical issues may mean that students miss vital information as it is being delivered.

Following the delivery of the session, a recording should be published online soon afterwards to allow students to recap any material they may have missed or misunderstood.


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Supporting Technologies

Making it work

  • Read the general teaching activity considerations for advice relevant to all approaches
  • Practice using the tool in advance
  • If possible, have another lecturer or a nominated student manage the chat feature to answer or collate student questions
  • Unless you have two screens, you will not see the faces of students during the session which can make it difficult to see if they are engaged and understand the content. Pause regularly and check how the students are doing.
  • Internet quality is more important here than for Flipped Learning so you should aim to get the best signal and data rate as possible. Try to deliver your lecture from the place with the best wifi, ask other people in the household not to do internet heavy activities such as streaming films during the session’s timeslot, etc.

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