Recommended Set-up:

For the presenter:

Key tool: Blackboard Collaborate or Zoom.

  • Webcam: We recommend using a webcam if it is available in the room (not all rooms will have one).
  • Microphone: We recommend using the microphone connected to the podium PC as it will pick up speech within 2 meters.
  • Breakout rooms: We recommend using breakout rooms, with randomised membership.

Other: Bring a headset or laptop to the classroom to help you facilitate conversations in online breakout groups.

Recording: We only recommend recording content delivered to the whole class, using the webinar tool you have chosen.

Settings for Students:

Inside Blackboard Collaborate or Zoom:

  • Webcam: Leave enabled for breakout group use
  • Microphone: Leave enabled breakout group use
  • Chat: Encourage use of the chat when not in breakout groups

Example instructions for students :

This seminar will be offered simultaneously face-to-face and online using Zoom/Blackboard Collaborate (*delete as appropriate). If you are online you can access the seminar at this link: (* provide link). If you will be attending online, please look at the instructions about using Zoom/Blackboard Collaborate and try out the test link ahead of time to ensure your system is set up correctly.

The seminar will start with a section delivered by the module tutor which will be streamed online from the classroom. If you are participating online, please do not use your webcam or microphone during this section. Instead, please type any questions in the chat during this section, and the tutor will read the question aloud and respond.

For discussions and activities during the seminar, the class will be divided into groups. Students physically present in the classroom will form small groups, and students online will be put into breakout groups by the tutor. Online participants should use a webcam and microphone during this part of the seminar to discuss and work together. The tutor will circulate between the groups, including the online ones.

At the end of the group activity or discussion, one group member will be asked to present back to the whole class some of the key discussion points from that group.