The Applied Software Engineering Research Group (ASERG) is part of the Department of Computing and the Industry and Innovation Research Institute at Sheffield Hallam University

In today’s cyber-connected world Information and Communication Technology constitutes the basic backbone of the majority of businesses operations, with an ever increasing reliance on software for different facets of society evidencing the need for robust software construction practices. 

ASERG addresses this need, with a strong emphasis in applied research, aiming to conduct research and development activities on software engineering with an interdisciplinary view of its application through two main branches of action: Consultancy service and applied R&D in partnership with industry; and Research on the advancement of ICT and computing.

The group favours close relationships with companies aimed at (1) Extract and inform research questions from real world experience; and (2) Influence the real world based on the research conducted by its members. To achieve this ASERG congregates Computing academics and practitioners from different disciplines, providing a range of expertise like:

  • Software Development Processes and Methodology;
  • Business Process Management, Service Orientation, Microservices and DevOps;
  • Cloud computing and Internet of Things
  • Software Engineering for Self-adaptive Systems and Digital Twins
  • Cyber Security, Privacy, Digital Identity Management and Access Control
  • Applied Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

You can find more about the group here.